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Welcoming a new C-suite executive into your organization can be both an exciting and daunting task. Set your new executive up for success by preparing strategies at every stage of the pre-boarding and onboarding process to ensure successful integration and a positive early experience. A recent global study found that when grading onboarding experiences on a scale of 1 to 100, executives in the U.S. rate their experience as mediocre, with an average score of 59. While many organizations are working to improve the onboarding experience, the survey findings point to a gap in new executives’ expectations and subsequent experiences. This discussion highlights the essential considerations before day one, in the first 30 days, throughout the leader’s first quarter and beyond.

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Your visionary and well-respected CEO is retiring, an announcement that has divided staff! While some on your leadership team are ready for fresh perspectives a new leader will bring, others are voicing concerns that change will further impact the organization’s ability to succeed in an already unstable economy. Join in on this conversation and hear how to plan for and conduct an executive search in the midst of cultural breakdowns.

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